Travelers Passing Through Pirate Blues

tbh when i finally get a car i will probably visit the two episcopal churches we have in our area but idk i’m a little nervous and i sort of feel like i won’t like either of them but idk we’ll see

i think halloween should be more than once a year because it’s really unfair to only give me ONE DAY to dress up because i will spend all year stressing about what i’m gonna dress up as and then i don’t dress up at all because the stress is too much and i can’t choose


Whoever they were, they’ve been gone for a long, long time…

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What if sleeping beauty became a knight instead? 

A mini project I’ve been thinking about for awhile. You can find a backstory comic [here].

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Wicked Clothes presents our latest item: the ‘Don’t Lose Sleep’ Sweater!

Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

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Ancient Egypt at the Metropolitan Museum

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ugh i want to get really uncomfortably rich and then just. go around and anonymously donate huge amounts of money to people for things like HEY youre trying to move away from your abusive parents?? BAM 10 thousand mystery dollars oh whats that your dog needs surgery?? BAM paid for hey you cant afford to go to that con with your friends?? BAM better get your cosplay ready you fucking nerd

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